Antique Appliance Restoration and Refrigerator Repair Services in Sanger, Texas

Do you still use the same stove or refrigerator that your grandparents bought decades ago? Antique Appliance Restoration knows you treasure the sentimental value of your antique appliances, which is why we provide quality work to keep your machines operating as efficiently as the day they were made!

Vintage appliances will work like new with antique appliance restoration and refrigerator repair services from our professionals in Sanger, Texas. You won't find another local service like ours. Entrust the continued performance of your vintage appliances to our experienced staff!

Free Consultation, Antique Appliance Restoration in Sanger, TX

Our Services Include:

 • Restoration and Rebuilding
 • Chrome Work
 • Porcelain and Burner Repairs
     and Re-Glazing

• Manual Rebuilds of Valves, Safety 
     Valves, and Thermostats
• Custom Paint Jobs

Your Choice for Vintage Appliance Work
At Antique Appliance Restoration, we know what we're doing when it comes to vintage stove repair and refrigerator restoration work. We have 25 years of combined experience among three generations of appliance professionals to back our services.

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