Vintage Stove Repair and Antique Refrigerator Restoration in Sanger, Texas

Don't let issues with your antique stove or refrigerator prevent you from cooking the way your grandparents did. Put problems with your vintage appliances on the back burner with antique refrigerator restoration and stove repair services from our company in Sanger, Texas.

Antique Appliance Restoration specializes in antique stove and refrigerator restoration so that you can cook on the same appliances that your grandparents used! Contact us today to set up a service visit or to request a free quote.

Restoration and Rebuilding Work Includes:

 • Tearing Down Your Unit to the Frame and Sanding It Down
 • Re-Coating It with High-Temperature Enamel to Eliminate Rust
 • Manually Rebuilding Valves, Safety Valves, and Thermostats
 • Inspecting and Replacing Wiring

• Re-Insulating the Interior
• Bending or Replacing Bent and Broken Hinges
• Replacing Broken Springs or Tensors

Antique Stove, Antique Refrigerator Restoration in Sanger, TX

Chrome Work
Bring back the original luster of your appliances' chrome with our effective re-chroming services. Our unique process is unlike the one used by the average bumper chrome shop. Our chrome work doesn't chip or peel when exposed to heat and other elements.

Porcelain and Burner Repairs and Re-Glazing
Don't be fooled by others who offer powder coating or enameling for porcelain parts. We use actual porcelain dipping and re-glazing methods, firing your porcelain at 1,500+ degrees to follow factory specifications.

Manual Rebuilds of Valves and Thermostats
Our three generations of experience allows us to manually rebuild your valves, safety valves, and thermostats. We use the same factory lubrication that has been used since the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, as well as the same manual reconstruction techniques used in the factories from those decades.

Custom Paint Jobs
Give your antique or vintage refrigerator a new look with our custom paint work. We apply everything from flames to vintage colors to suit your home's decor or to match the decor in your "man cave."

Contact us today for precision work that brings your vintage appliances back to life.